My Journey...

Deserae Chanel Smith is a 200 hour experienced yoga therapist that has taught over 1000 students thus far. Her dream as an entrepreneur made its debut in September 2017 after she quit her corporate job in the financial field to pursue her 10 year cleaning business. After practicing yoga for 6 years on and off, she decided to go into teacher training at Dana Hot Yoga in October 2019, to learn more about the yoga practice and to help keep her centered through her journey as an entrepreneur. It was in February 2018 after graduating training, her life as a YOGIpreneur began. What she loved about yoga was its ability to help keep calm, offer a sense of direction and provide a larger perspective on life. Along with the fact that hot yoga has been her home base from the beginning of her journey, the bliss feeling of breaking through the mental strains on the mat helped her to heighten her awareness of the mind and body off of the mat. These benefits alone helped mold her into the person she is today. It was only through the practice of movement, meditation and breath that she was about to heal mentally and physically. With the tactics she has learned to date, she is able to share her experience of what has helped her personally get through not only physical relief, but mental and spiritual relief as well, to the world.

No Meat Athlete...

Deserae began her vegetarian diet 4 years ago. After multiple health issues, emotionally drained, low energy and hurt from the harm being done to animals, she wanted to change her lifestyle. Not knowing much about the vegetarian diet but a little weary on its nutritional base as an overall athlete, she began to research and find out more to educate herself. After gradually transitioning to the veg life, she started to notice small differences such as higher energy. She felt light, her health issues were non-existent, and she didn't have the burden of animal crudity on her conscience. Though there were many benefits she experienced from changing her diet, the fact that she was able to get the proper nutrition, holistically heal yourself  and STILL BE  ATHLETE was confirmation that she had to share the news with the world. From her personal journey to becoming vegetarian, she has created a brand for like-minded individuals to join in with her. Sharing the love for health and healing together.