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The Yoga Doctor

Healing through movement, mindfulness & spirituality

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Healing from the inside out through movement, energetic healing and spiritual readings



A hands on energy session performed to release trauma, emotional baggage & spiritual karma through intuitive guidance. This can be done in person or through distance via zoom

Practicing Yoga


Busy Schedule? You have the option to choose private sessions that align with your schedule or live group classes with lifetime access to all recordings. Sessions include meditation + breathwork  

Stack of Books


Feeling lost or stuck in the same place but have goals you want to accomplish and dreams you want to see come true? This program is here to guide you forward working from the inside, out

Meet Me Here.



Certified Reiki Practitioner, 200hr E-RYT, Healer

Deserae Chanel Smith is a 200 hour experienced yoga therapist that has influenced over 14,000 students thus far. Her dream as an entrepreneur made its debut in September 2017 after she quit her corporate job in the financial field to pursue her 10 year cleaning business. After practicing yoga for 6 years on and off, she decided to go into teacher training at Dana Hot Yoga in October 2017, to learn more about the yoga practice and to help keep her centered through her journey as an entrepreneur. It was in February 2018 after graduating training, she began walking into her true purpose. Shortly after, in October 2019 she received her certification in Reiki Healing. Through the meditative breathing and movements of yoga in addition to the energetic healing of Reiki, she was able to heal mentally, physically and spiritually despite what physicians had told her. With the many practices she has learned to date, she is able to share her experience with the world, helping to heal and teach the beautiful practices that has changed her life for eternity.

Take a sneak peak into the no-meat health conscious meal plan curated to help heal the body through clean eating, fresh ingredients + home cooked meals filled with intention and love

Loaded Oatmeal

A Healthy Breakfast

Boil 1 cup of oatmeal in a pot with 2 cups of water (optional to add brown sugar to sweeten), once oatmeal is done, place in a bowl. Cut up 2 fruits of choice and place granola, fruits, and chai seeds on top of oatmeal next to one another. Drizzle date syrup on top for the finish.


Unlimited Monthly Yoga Membership!


Unlimited Yoga Membership

Practice unlimited yoga anywhere, anytime with peace of mind.





Get lifetime access to all classes to do anywhere and anytime at your leisure. 

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, your practice will expand and gain a new confidence.

Don't have time to come to a studio? Practicing at home will get you the flexibility you need.

Taking control of your health through movement, meditation, breathework + more.


This is my second challenge with you and each time, I finish the challenge with so much more self-love. I love everything about the challenge, itself. I finish the challenge with a renewed respect for my body and more love for myself.

Jocelyn Hadrick, Monthly Subscriber

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